I have written a lot of these “we’re back” posts, it would seem. We are indeed back again, shocking as that may seem. Though you all probably suspected that we were caught in the grip of our busy adult lives–you were wrong. I was spending my time getting into a second college and ol’ shadow is still obtaining higher education, so we have some time left yet before we actually grow up too much to keep doing this. Although Exreality has traditionally been a “rant” type website, we are having another go at it with a different angle: we’re going to treat it like a traditional blog. Yes, that’s right, we’re putting on our hipster glasses and joining the party. Don’t worry, the rants won’t go away altogether, but we think it might be a nice change of pace to talk about the things we like right now, in addition to those we don’t like so much.

I am not going to talk this thing to death. We’re back, we’re writing, and we want to know what you think. We have a comment system for that very reason. Please sound off, and enjoy!